11-06-2010 19:00


Hi everybody, my Team and I have decided that I´ll practice the next few weeks. During the last few tournaments we saw what we need to work on and want to improve those aspects of my game! We´ve been working a lot on my fitness the past two weeks at the Olympic Training Center in Berlin. It´s been fun but hard as well. I did a test on the treadmill to see how I´m doing since I came back from my injury. I was happy to see that I´ve improved!

Last weekend I went to support my friend Britta Steffen at her first World Cup in a long time. It was a tough first competition for her coming in 4th and 6th place. Both of us are working hard to be back at our “old” form as quickly as possible though! Yesterday I went to the ice hockey game of the “Eisbären Berlin”. It was once again heaps of fun and great to relax a bit. Towards the end it was everything else but relaxing though…the game got so exciting that the penalty shooting had to decide who the winner of the night is. It was a nice evening after a hard week of training. Talk to you soon.


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