Visitation from the mayor

06-02-2010 17:20

Sabine and Klaus Wowereit

Hi everybody, I´m finally feeling better! One week ago I had an MRI to see how my ankle is. Still having crutches I really was hoping to get good news! I was pretty nervous while getting the MRI done. I thought about what the doctor could say and how I´d feel. How would it be to finally have no more crutches? How would I react if I didn´t get the news I wanted and had to keep on using them? When the doctor came and said that I don´t need the crutches I was so, so happy!

For one week I´m doing a lot of rehab for my foot and I train in the gym. It´s going pretty well and I hope to be able to return to the tour soon! Today the mayor of Berlin, Mr. Wowereit, visited the “Olympiastützpunkt” which is a quiet big training facility for the best athletes. We chatted a little bit and then he continued to walk around the center.

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